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The whole of Eni’s history, since its founding in 1953, has been characterised by challenges met and the realisation of projects that, to many, appeared impossible.

The goals achieved and the work done – often under extreme conditions in about 70 countries around the world –

have been the result of a profound conviction that the oil and natural gas industry is a frontier activity.

For Eni the difference lies in the constant search for new personal and technical challenges with a view to continuously improving performance and technologies.

Since 1999 Eni has been engaged in a new, and perhaps its most important, challenge: the challenge of growth based on an unprecedented programme of strategic development.

It is a challenge that, in a period of large-scale mergers between the major players in the sector,

runs against the tide by being based on a policy of acquisitions of medium-sized operators with synergic potential and an intensification of exploration efforts in high-potential areas of the world.

In addition to these operating results, Eni has also radically reorganised its corporate structure by incorporating the principal operating companies

and creating divisions for the management of its main activities.

Today Eni is a large and independent international company in the oil and natural gas industry focused on three main business activities:

Exploration & Production, Gas & Power, and Refining & Marketing.

A determining feature of Eni has always been a marked ability to integrate with local cultures and adapt to widely different environments and situations.

It is a capacity that is reflected in an unwavering respect for the places where and the people with whom Eni works.

All this is Eni. A world of values, a team of people, a series of differences that make the difference; what is known as Eni’s way.


Eni: an integrated energy company


In an increasingly competitive market, our company is constantly evolving in order to meet consumers’ needs.

So it’s only natural that there be an evolution of the image with which eni presents itself in the 70 countries in which it operates.

The evolution of our corporate image reflects the integration of all our businesses into a single entity, operating in numerous sectors,

but communicating with one name and one brand. A single brand ensuring greater consistency and efficiency in communication.

Furthermore, in terms of graphics, the new logo conveys dynamism and openness.

A way to reflect “open energy”, something which has always been a hallmark of eni and which makes us a reliable partner for producers, suppliers, local communities and consumers.

Today, the logo is more than anything else a logo in motion. It retains all the powerful elements which have been a part of eni’s heritage for years, such as the six-legged dog, the yellow square and outlined lettering, but now with innovative new features.

The six-legged dog is coming out of the square, moving towards a new corporate reality. The lettering is original, located on the bottom of the square and in lower case, to highlight the close and equal relationship that eni would like to establish with its stakeholders.

For the first time the logo has become interactive and deconstructed in order to best highlight company character: open, dynamic, integrated.


Historical Steps


-1926 – • 1952 – • 1953 – • 1992 – • 1995 – • 1996 – • 1997 –


  • Establishment of AGIP (Azienda Generale Italiana Petroli)
  • The “six-legged dog” becomes the symbol of Agip
  • Eni (Ente Nazionale Idrocarburi) is established
  • The law is passed to transform Eni into a joint stock company Initial public offering of Eni shares on the stock market
  • In October, another 16% of the Company’s share capital was placed on the market
  • The third placement took place in June, when approximately 18% of the Company’s share capital was placed on market
  • 1998 – June saw the fourth offering, with a further 14% of the Company’s share capital placed
  • In February 2001 a placement operation on 5% of the company’s share capital was carried out among institutional
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